Providing safe drinking
water to the community

Solar-powered and cloud-connected water dispensers that
are able to dispense water through a RFID card


Adar Poonawalla Clean City provides safe drinking water in the villages (Manjari, Fursungi and Sadestra Nali). The process starts from filling in of raw water, filtering it and refilling the water in tankers. Next, the tankers transport the water from the plant to the ATM and fill the ATM with the help of refilling card. Last step is dispensing water with the help of RFID card.

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Known as the Hub-and-Spokes solution, this is designed to serve needy communities in cluster placing purification unit as Hub and multiple dispensing units as ATMs.


Under this project, safe drinking water is to be served to the community through a unique customized solution called the Hub and Spokes where the purification units will be installed at the Manjari WTP unit premises which will treat the water to be dispensed through the dispensing units popularly called as Water ATMs that will be spread over the needy villages.


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