Camp Education Society was established by few social workers from different walks of life. The prominent were Late. Shri. Rajanna Lingoo Polas and the Late. Shri Balkrishna Sayanna Motado. The efforts of these leading men were solemnly blessed by the great social leader the Late. Mahatma Phule. The society takes pride in the fact that noted social reformer and educationalist Acharya Pralhad Keshav Atre worked as Head Master for about two decades.


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2392, East St, Solapur Bazar,
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Villoo Poonawalla English
Medium School (Co. ED.)

Along with stellar quality of education Villoo Poonawalla English Medium School aims at raising a generation of youngsters who are aware, responsible, qualified and able to take on the challenges of the world and make it a better place. We warm heartedly welcome students of all class, creed, gender and religion. We strive to build a culture of acceptance, empathy and joy in our school. Our able workforce comes together as a unit to uphold the principles of democracy, integrity, compassion and love for all. Teachers constantly work as mentors, guides and counsellors for students to help them in the academic as well as personal struggles. Extra classes for struggling students across all grades are taken to ensure the up keeping of academic rigour. Parent-teacher meeting at the end of every unit is conducted to ensure parents investment in the growth of each child. All round development of students play a pivotal role in our school like wise Annual Gathering, Fete and Annual Sports are held every year to provide a platform to each child to bring out the best in them and to sharpen their skills, talents and potentials. Villoo Poonawalla English Medium School stands out in its approach to education by balancing out equal shares of academic and co-curricular activities while keeping up its motto of 'Service and Sacrifice'.